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Direct Call Solutions – dcSolutions or DCS – takes the day-to-day telephone marketing off your shoulders so you and your in-house sales department can focus on the bigger picture – growth!

Who We Are

We are a group of seasoned sales leaders and innovative thinkers, who have worked together for many, many years. We saw a gaping hole in the way sales support services were provided, so we formed dcSolutions to fill the void and provide a solution that truly performs for our clients.

Our Leadership Team






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Our Values

"As a company, we believe in our shared vision of delivering top-quality marketing solutions with honesty, reliability, effort, and a winning spirit as our core values"
Pablo Mendoza
CEO, dcSolutions

For more about our mission, vision, and what makes us tick, visit the ABOUT page.

Services We Provide

  • Strategy Consultation – Customized sales plan design based on your goals and budget
  • Sales Support – Outbound call center staffed with trained professionals oriented to your unique needs
  • Up-To-Date Metrics & Analytics – Regular reassessment to optimize your sales plan

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Why dcSolutions?

Since our founding in 2014, we have developed a groundbreaking, proven system for helping you design and execute your sales plan that includes these steps:

  • Research
  • Strategy Session
  • Build Your Team
  • Metrics & Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Victory 😎 🤩 🥳

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