Trends in Sales for 2022 Point to Remote Selling

Looking at recent trends in overall sales activities is a helpful guide for future business planning. Here’s what we see happening as we wrap up the year that was 2021:

  • Emphasis on future growth investment
  • Growing reliance on advanced data analytics to leverage technology for improved sales outcomes
  • Dwindling in-person sales presentations in favor of digital and virtual lead engagement
  • Rising movement to build in-house capabilities for virtual selling
  • An increasing number of organizations outsourcing remote sales, bypassing the hassles of managing sales directly
  • Escalating competition between sales outsourcing firms 

These are general observations, but let’s take a look at remote sales trends specifically – and the ways remote sales can boost your performance.

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Remote Selling is Here to Stay

Remote sales have been gradually trending upward for over a decade. But – thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic – more than half of all companies moved from traditional to digital marketing during 2020 and 2021.

Many of these organizations found that the savings from temporary outsourcing spurred so much growth – in spite of the pandemic – that they have made the change permanent.

The Evolution of Sales & Marketing Professionals

In the past, successful sales representatives were the clever ones who could look a prospect in the eye, develop a face-to-face relationship, thoroughly explain the featured product, and close the deal with a handshake.

Trends in Sales - Old School Face-to-Face

But Remote selling is the name of the game, and the demands on the modern salesforce are dramatically different. While the human connection remains critical, it isn’t done in person.

This means that members of the sales team must have strong tech skills – along with the ability to quickly pivot to new products, new software, and new ways of doing things.

The job of managing a remote sales team also requires strong technical skills, along with the ability to understand, collect, and analyze data. The sales manager must constantly evaluate the data against their sales plan, quickly tweak the process, and conduct team training to get the adjustments in the sales plan implemented rapidly. 

Trends in Sales – Optimizing Remote Selling

With the future uncertainty about COVID-19 – especially with the emergence of the “omicron” and other variants of the virus – remote sales activities will continue to grow. Here are some things you can expect in 2022:

  • Digital marketing and remote sales engagement will grow even more popular with prospects and customers, who are developing a level of comfort with making large purchases digitally
  • Communication with customers and leads via remote channels means fast turnaround on engagement and conversion; expect to see greater innovation in ways to connect with customers in real time
  • Most companies outsource at least some of their marketing activities; organizations with dedicated, in-house sales departments are steadily decreasing
  • You will see more companies adding value by outsourcing to an experienced inside sales team, rather than conducting consumer research, customer engagement analytics, and lead development, management, and conversion in-house

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Trends in Sales - New Era of Remote Selling

Get Ahead of the Game for 2022: Outsource Your Inside Sales

One of the best strategies you should consider for 2022 is embracing remote sales and outsourcing it all to the experts. Hire a US-based outsourcing company to reach customers across the US and Canada.

The best news? American outsourcing firms are in fierce competition for top ranking, so you can be very choosy about finding the right vendor.

If you have already outsourced your sales activities to a reputable company, good for you.

If only a portion of your inside sales process is outsourced – or if you have never tried outsourcing – now is the time to get serious. You will be amazed by the benefits of outsourcing your entire sales process, and probably wonder why you waited so long.

For most organizations, the best strategy for organizational growth and increased market share is to get outsourcing in place for the new year.

Trends in Sales - Getting Ahead of the Game by Outsourcing

At dcSolutions, we have been handling remote sales for several years, and we keep current on the technology, which means we offer solid experience and a dynamic toolbox filled with the latest tech.

We will create a custom sales plan for your company and execute an aggressive strategy of finding, qualifying, and nurturing leads throughout the process. We take the time to analyze and optimize the data and make course corrections, and then use these insights to close your deals and help you meet your projected goals!

When you partner with dcSolutions, you can rest assured that your business growth is in the most capable hands. Contact us today to explore the possibilities. 

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