How Outsourcing Sales Can Grow Your Business FAST!

Instead of outsourcing sales, many companies – especially small businesses – struggle every day to do business AND keep up with marketing. They can’t do both activities effectively, which leads to frustrations for owners and senior leadership.

When you try to be the master of all functions, the typical result is that you end up being master of none.

Outsourcing sales means you can be the master of what your business does best, and hand over the sales and marketing to masters who do nothing but sales – all day, every day.

Read on to learn how a provider of outsourced sales services – like dcSolutions – can make the difference between struggling and thriving. Click here to learn why Forbes Magazine says that time is of the essence to get started outsourcing.

What Outsourcing Sales Entails

When sales and marketing wonks talk about the customer life cycle, they typically characterize five stages:

  • Customer Awareness of Your Products/Services
  • Acquisition of the Customer’s Interest
  • Conversion of a Prospective Customer to an Active Customer
  • Retention of a Customer For Repeat Business
  • Maintaining the Loyalty of the Customer for Online & Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Most companies can boost performance by outsourcing all five aspects of the process. The secret is to look for a remote sales team that provides the following services and approaches.

Custom Marketing Solutions

Every business is different. Beyond the basics about your goods and services, an effective sales plan must take into account the things that make your company unique.

Data Insights & Analysis

Regular data mining and analysis helps to ensure that your custom outsourcing plan doesn’t get stale. Some market trends are important, while others are not; a remote sales team should have the knowledge and experience to crunch the right numbers to keep you growing.

Results-Driven Optimization

Similarly, your remote sales team should monitor the results of the sales and marketing activities they do on your behalf. Responding to changes in real-time with the right adjustments in the sales plan will keep you on track to meet your conversion goals.

Customer Demand Generation

All of these services are great – but worthless if your outsourcing company does not stir up quality prospective buyers. They should have the expertise to market in the right places, to the right people, to keep your customer base growing.

Click here for more detail on what you should expect from your outsourcing provider.

Top Quality Interactions With Your Customers

The foundation for successful outsourced sales services is the way your customers and potential customers are treated. A well-trained, professional remote sales team can say the right thing at the right time to keep customers happy and eager for more of what you provide.

Outsourcing Sales to Enhance Your Team – Not to Replace It

Some companies are hesitant to outsource because they have a sales team in place – no matter how outmatched it is to reach your business growth goals. 

Stop thinking about replacing your sales team with a remote service, and start thinking about the benefits of re-focusing your in-house staff on strategic initiatives that require in-depth knowledge of your products and services.

Re-Align Your Key Workers to Do More Than Make Phone Calls

After you implement the outsourcing plan, all the scut work of digging up and persuading new customers – while maintaining the interest of existing customers – will be done for you. Now you can put your in-house team on big-picture tasks like innovation and bringing new products and services to market.

Re-Align Your Budget to Growth Initiatives, Not Call Centers

You will likely find that you can reduce your direct staff through attrition and/or rethink the work environment as employees’ focus shifts.

Members of your team may be eager to work from home on a full- or part-time basis, saving you the costs associated with the physical office space and equipment you have previously provided. You may have been hesitant to lose direct control over most customer interactions (which are no longer your problem once you outsource), so you can offer your in-house employees greater flexibility. 

The Key to Successfully Outsourcing Sales – Select the Right Partner

There are many operations out there for outsourcing sales, so you must carefully shop this project out. Look for companies that are US-based and well-respected. 

Believe In Your Sales Outsourcing Provider

You must develop trust in the provider of your outsourced sales services if you are to be successful. Before you make a hiring decision, you must be assured that your customers and your data will be treated ethically, professionally, competently, and securely.

Get What You Need – Not a One-Size-Fits-Most Plan

The provider you choose must offer a solution that exactly meets your needs. If they suggest an upgrade or enhancement to the services you want, require them to prove that the recommendations are sound and good for your business.

With almost a decade of experience on the cutting edge of digital marketing and call center operations, we at dcSolutions are ready to customize a plan that fits your needs and relieves you and your team of the burdens of inside sales. 

We have a proven track record of delivering top-quality customer service to drive your sales. Schedule a call to learn how we can help your business thrive!

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