Employee Experience Testimonials

A Day in the Life of a DCS Sales Asoociate

Thank you for helping us with an employee experience post for the DCS website!

This is meant to be fun, and to inspire great candidates to apply for open positions. We want them to know what it’s like to work at DCS – especially the positives!

Don’t stress – use the format that’s most comfortable for you:

  • Google form – question and answer
  • Submit written statement via email
  • Personal Video on YouTube or Social
  • Combination of some or all of the above
Instructions for Content

Detail & Definitions


  • Your role at DCS
  • What you look like – include a still photo or add a video
  • Why you like working at DCS
  • Description of the work environment and/or a typical workday

OPTIONAL (but encouraged) CONTENT:

How you feel about about these stated values: As a company, we believe in our shared vision of delivering top-quality marketing solutions with honesty, reliability, effort, and a winning spirit as our core values

How you feel about about this mission statement: At dcSolutions, we put our clients first; each client that comes to us is unique and is treated as such

Describe the company culture, for example:

  • Fairness
  • Flexibility
  • Opportunities to laugh
  • Personal & professional growth at DCS
  • Trustworthiness of management
  • Innovation
  • Caring
  • Sense of humor

VIDEO CLIP – Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Give co-workers a heads up before recording, if you are making the video in the office
  • Keep it upbeat and positive (if you can’t, sit down with your boss instead lol)
  • Be yourself
  • Wear an outfit you would wear to work but don’t overdress
  • Skip – or at least bleep – the swears in accordance with company culture