Clients and customers are the lifeblood of virtually every business in the world – and if you are serious about attaining lasting growth, then attracting and retaining new clients is undoubtedly one of your top concerns. There are many different strategies for achieving this goal, and some of the most effective ways of bringing in new customers could be very specific to your industry. However, there are also quite a few universally-applicable methods of attracting relevant attention to your business. And those are the concepts that we are going to focus on in this article. The odds are good that, regardless of what your company may do, at least a few of the following ideas could help you bring in new customers:

  1. Take a Proactive Approach to Referrals.

If you are waiting on your current customers to offer you referrals, then you are missing out! Many of your happiest customers would likely be willing to refer you to their contacts – but without an active reminder, they simply aren’t going to be thinking about your business as much as you are! Put yourself out there and ask for referrals – you may very well face rejection a time or two, but you also stand to gain several clients!

  1. Reach Out to a Larger Competitor.

Most business people don’t think of their direct competitors as potential partners – but the odds are actually quite good that a larger competitor of yours frequently encounters potential clients whose needs are simply too limited for a large organization to handle efficiently. By forming partnerships with these types of companies, you can forge a truly mutually beneficial relationship in which your competitor sends you contact information of clients in order to “save face” while directly aiding you!

  1. Check Out Jobs Boards.

Many small organizations search for assistance through jobs boards rather than reaching out to other businesses. Just because you have a few employees doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be active in relevant freelance communities, either!

  1. Stay in Touch with Old Clients.

Life is busy and business is even busier – sometimes clients stop communicating, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they no longer have interest in working with you! Reach out to old clients every now and then in a friendly, non-salesman-like way and you will be surprised at how many will be thrilled to hear from you!

  1. Blog, Vlog, or Engage in Another Form of Content Creation.

If you are reading this blog, then you are living proof that content creation can be effective!

  1. Be Helpful.

Even when dealing with contacts who aren’t likely to become customers, you should strive to be as helpful and friendly as possible. After all, you never know who the person you are speaking with may know, and as we already discussed, references and referrals are invaluable.

  1. Don’t Let Leads Go to Waste.

Gaining a lead means half the work (and half the financial investment) is already complete – so don’t waste this effort! If you receive a call, an email, or any other form of communication from a potential client, you had better be prepared! Visit Direct Call Solutions online today for more helpful tips and tricks regarding this important business topic!

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