Picking up the phone and calling a potential client — especially one you have never spoken with before — can be extremely intimidating. However, it is also an extremely valuable and cost-efficient strategy for growing your business. If you are looking to improve your outbound sales game, then you may find the following tips to be helpful.


  1. Use a Professional Greeting

A number of psychological studies have shown that first impressions affect our perceptions of others profoundly. And this is why cold-callers who open with um, yeah, hello? are setting themselves up for failure.

When the phone is answered, you should confidently and concisely introduce yourself and your business. Provide a brief overview of what you can do for this person or their company — and be sure to get their name right! (If you aren’t sure, it’s always better to ask then to guess!)

As simple as it may sound, implementing this tip will already set you apart from many other cold-callers — as anyone who has ever received a bad sales call knows!


  1. Work on Simple Scripting

Good, engaging conversations flow naturally without any need for a script — and good sales calls follow a similarly spontaneous path. Aiming to script out an entire call is only going to leave you sounding awkward and robotic.

That being said, there are a few things you may wish to write down before making calls. Examples include product descriptions, promotion details, and powerful statement/question pairs. These phrases should only be worked into the conversation as needed — but it can be helpful to have an eloquently-written product description on hand rather than trying to wing it during a crucial moment in the call.


  1. Stay Positive

Baseball, it has been said, is a game of failure. Why? A player who hits successfully 30% of the time is considered a star! In other words, failing only 70% of the time makes you successful.

This same line of thought can (and perhaps should) be applied to outbound sales calls as well. According to some estimates, only about 2% of cold calls are successful — which would make a 4% success rate, (or a 96% failure rate) exceptionally good!

Of course, the averages for converting solid leads (about 20%) and converting referrals (as high as 50%) are a bit more favorable. So your success rates may vary depending on who you are calling. All the same, it is undeniable that failure is part of the game — and allowing yourself to get discouraged will only set you back. In short: keep a positive outlook while making outbound calls!


  1. Be Efficient

Because the majority of your calls are likely to be unsuccessful, efficiency is of the essence. The more calls you can make in one session, the higher your odds of success. For beginners, the pomodoro technique is a great way of getting work done in a fast and efficient manner — though experienced veterans oftentimes develop their own methods for maximizing productivity.


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