You invest your time, energy, and money into creating new leads for your business: converting those leads into customers is crucial if you hope to attain lasting success and growth.

Thankfully, the art (some may even say science) of lead conversion is very well studied and developed. By researching strategies for lead conversion, you can draw upon the wisdom of countless entrepreneurs who went before you, thus increasing your potential. As Isaac Newton famously said: If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

So let’s take a quick look at 7 time-tested strategies for improving your conversion rate.

1.Be Available. Letting phone calls go to voicemail, leaving emails unanswered, or even ignoring your social media inbox are all surefire ways of missing out on potential customers. Make yourself available, even when you are busy, and your bottom line will thank you.

2.Emphasize Sales Training. It is astounding just how many companies lack a thorough sales training procedure. Each and every one of your employees is tasked with the job of representing your company, and this means that they should possess the skills needed to make sales!

3.Target Leads Precisely. If you have a bad track record of converting leads into sales, it could be that the leads you are bringing in are low quality. A high quality lead is someone who is deeply interested in the products you are selling, and who can genuinely benefit by becoming a customer. Low quality leads, on the other hand, have only a marginal interest in your product and the benefits they would get by becoming a customer are more dubious. A good marketing campaign does more than just bring in lots of leads — it is targeted carefully enough that it brings in high quality leads.

4.Incentivize First-Time Customers. First time customers are more than just a chance to make a quick profit — they represent an opportunity to form a long-lasting professional relationship. For this reason, you should do everything you can to incentivize first-time purchases, even if this means making a smaller profit at first. In the end, the value that a lifelong customer offers far exceeds the value that could be gained on a quick one-and-done sale.

5.Web Design Matters. An intuitive, attractive, and fast-running website is going to pull in more e-commerce than an ugly or confusing website, regardless of how good the product is.

6.Understand Your Customers. The better you know your customers, the more effectively you will be able to respond to their needs. Market research, focus groups, and even reading company reviews with an open mind are all good ways of gaining a deeper understanding of what your customers are truly looking for.

7.Develop Your Call Script. No one should be winging it when taking phone calls — there is simply too much at stake. Developing and fine-tuning a sales script is a much more effective approach.

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