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Call centers can be a critical way for businesses to support, maintain and grow their customer base. If you’re choosing a call center, you have two main choices when it comes to location — domestic or foreign. While foreign-based call centers are typically less expensive upfront, there are key advantages with US-based call centers that are hard to find anywhere else.

Clear, Reliable Communication

Communication can be challenging at the best of times, and when your customers call in with a question or concern, you want the process to be as easy and frustration-free as possible for them. Call centers based in the United States make that possible.

When you use a domestic call center, customers and phone center reps are more likely to have the same accent, use the same idioms and understand the same cultural nuances. That virtually eliminates communication barriers, making the call more pleasant and productive for your customers. It also helps save valuable time on each call. Representatives can focus on what your customer needs and wants, rather than spending the call trying to get past an accent barrier.


When you chose a US-based call center, the proximity benefits you as well. Instead of rarely or never visiting the call center, you can conveniently plan trips to the call center to educate reps about a new product, introduce callers to a new script or just check on what’s happening. That saves time and money.

Enhanced Productivity

When you outsource customer calls to a center, it allows you and your team to focus on the core aspects of your business. You get to use your skills where they best benefit your business instead of slogging through multiple calls every day. You also save time and money on training call center staff. Rather than developing your own training program, hiring staff and overseeing the process, you get to let experienced, US-based professionals who understand the nuances of sales and customer service handle that for you, and if desired, you can have the call center escalate key calls to you as needed.


Working with a third-party call center also offers the scalability you need when your company is new or expanding. If business slows for a bit, the call center can handle the lowered volume of calls. On the other hand, if you have your own in-house call center, you have the make the tough choice of laying people off or paying staff to twiddle their thumbs. Similarly, as your business grows, the call center is ready to scale along with that growth, with more, well-trained reps waiting in the wings.

Cultural Familiarity

Culture influences everything from brand images to customer perceptions and expectations, and it’s important to have call center reps that are on the same page culturally as your customers. You get that with a US-based call center, and in addition to reducing confusion and miscommunication, that also helps to increase customer confidence in your brand.

Consumers, by and large, prefer to buy products made in America, and they carry that preference to services as well. By utilizing a US-based call center, you appeal to that shared desire among the majority of American consumers. From the moment the call is answered, your customers know that you share their concerns and you are committed to providing the best level of service possible to them. Unfortunately, most foreign-based call centers just don’t give your customers that degree of confidence.


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